Privacy Policy

(according to clause 10 of Law n. 675/1996)

According to the Law, anyone handling personal data must supply the person releasing the data all the proper information, and, in some cases, must obtain their consent before handling any of their data.  Since you are interested in this process we wish to inform you of the following:

Finality of data handling
All data released by the interested party and their handling have the
finality to give our company and other DELEKS group members the
chance to supply:
  - before and after sale technical assistance and guarantee
  - marketing and publicity
  - mailing of information and company promotional material
  - statistic analysis for marketing purposes
  - polls on degree of satisfaction
  - invitations to informative and promotional events.

Ways of handling
Data collected for such finalities shall be handled with automated and non - automated systems, always respecting privacy and safety regulations required by the Law.

Data release
Data release to our Company is a free choice. Any refusal to fill up
the form or to answer the telephone interview has no consequence at
all except for the impossibility to use our services any further.

Subjective Communication
 Data, or some of them, may be released to:
  - not specifically appointed company employees
  - companies and subjects handling outsourcing activities for DELEKS
  - other offices of this Company
  - branch companies
  Data shall not be released to third parties.

Communications Territory
Since there are telematic, computerized and correspondence contacts,
all data can be available abroad, even in Nations outside the EC.

Rights of the interested party
Clause 13 of Law 675/96 recognizes several rights to the interested
party and we invite you to carefully analyze them.
In summary we remind you have the right:
   - to access the Guarantor files;
  - to obtain information on your data;
  - to obtain their total cancellation or their updating, correction or integration and notice
    of such operations shall be given to all those receiving such data;
  - to disallow, for legitimate reasons, the handling of such data;
  - to disallow such data to be used for business, advertising or market studies.

Owner of data handling
The Owner of these Data according to the Law are these Companies, located
as indicated above in the headings of this note.

Responsibility for data handling
Agrimport S.r.l. and Deleks S.r.l. are responsible for the handling of personal data.


Agrimport Srl

Via Industriale, 23 - 25028 - Verolanuova (BS) – Italy

VAT No: 02894400981


Deleks Srl

Via Industriale, 23 - 25028 - Verolanuova (BS) – Italy

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